Laag furniture series

The furniture series Laag is the outcome of a research into the relation of human and ground through furniture. Slightly elevating the user off the ground, Laag seeks to establish and strengthen these relations.
The structure consists of four slim solid brass legs supporting a heavy ring of solid ash wood. An array of wooden battens is laid in the ring. These battens serve as the foundation for use, be it sitting on a pillow, resting on a mattress or drinking coffee by the table. The outer battens serve as a wood joint to keep the ring together.

Roos Cornelissen and Hinke Majoor
Exhibited at:
De Invasie Antwerpen
77 x 77 cm, 124 x 77 cm,
143 x 77 cm, 162 x 77 cm,
209 x 77 cm
Exhibited at:
Flanders DC / Design Vlaanderen, De Meubelexpo Gent,
de Invasie Antwerpen, Makercity Gent, St Vincents
Published in:
Feeling wonen, De Architect

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