Kindcentrum Amstelveen

Outside of Amstelveen a cluster of schools will be built. The building houses two primary schools, a daycare and a sports facility. The building is situated in a park that fades into the polder landscape. At the north-west side, where most people arrive, the building is accentuated. The high volume of the gym steps down to the two storey building behind. The different organizations all have their own entrance at the park side.
The building is designed as a pavilion. The horizontality of the plinth gives the building a scale that fits with the park with canopies showing the entrances. The greenish brickwork in the plinth and the sandcoloured brick above is separated by the light lintel and canopy. The interior is made to measure for the different organizations, whilst the rational constructive setup makes the building adaptable for future usage, with the possibility to extend onto the roof terrace. In all educational spaces the exterior is near, with doors to the park and the roof terrace.

Amstelveen (NL)
Twee scholen, kinderopvang en sport
2e prize in selection procedure
Gemeente Amstelveen
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