Cultuurwerf Dilsen-Stokkem

In the city centre of Dilsen (BE) the city of Dilsen-Stokkem wants to realise a cultural centre by transforming and expanding the existing library. Located at the central square a diverse programme is to be housed in one building. The main functions being a (youth) library, a theatre, a café and multiple classrooms for the nearby high schools and music academy.
From the exterior the building reads as one, with a delicate façade like a curtain over a series of volumes. By lifting up and with precisely placed openings the facade shows parts of the functions behind.
The main entrance gives access to a large foyer, from where all activities are accessible. The foyer can be a foyer to the theatre, an interior square to the café and a place to show books for the library. Some activities like the classrooms and the youth library have a separate entrance.

Dilsen-Stokkem (BE)
Cultural Centre
2nd prize after open call and selection
City of Dilsen-Stokkem
In collaboration with:
Sophie Van Noten Architect and Van Besien architects