03-2020 - Studio Lommer

From March 2020 we left our previous name, roos & hinke behind.
We will continue our work as Studio Lommer!

02-2020 - Kitchen W completed

The kitchen for W in Rotterdam is completed.
More images soon.

02-2020 - Lecture and workshop

We gave a lecture and workshop at Delft University of Technology
as part of the minor Spaces of Display
Chair: Daniel Rosbottom / Interiors, Buildings and Cities

10-2019 - Visiting Critic MSc Delft

Great work by students at mid term at the chair of Interiors, Buildings and Cities.
Thanks for having Hinke as visiting critic.

10-2019 - Studio RAvB finished

Hinke taught in the studio 'Cooking and Making' together
with Andy Yu (Sou Fujimoto Architects).

07-2019 - 2nd prize Cultural Centre Dilsen

Our design for the Dilsen cultural centre won 2nd prize!
In collaboration with Van Besien Van Noten.

05-2018 - Hempcrete buidling

We followed an interesting workshop building with hempcrete
by Ecobouwsaland / Kalkhennep Nederland.

05-2018 - House DS completed

The interior of House DS is completed.
More images on our website soon.

03-2018 - Installation in Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (MUHKA)

From March 9th - 25th 2018 there is an exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp. Included the results of a worshop we gave to pupils of an elemantary school. In collaboration with Jente Hendrickx.

02-2018 - Lecture at RAvB

On the 9th of February Hinke will give a lecture about our own work and his work for the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design (RAvB).

01-2018 - Hinke starts work for Rotterdam Academy

From January onwards Hinke will work for 2 days a week for the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design (RAvB) as a coordinator of the architecure master. Photo: RAvB.

06-2017 - Woonlab Film

On youtube a profile is published,
as part of Woonlab 010 - Wonen in Winkels (living in shops).

03-2017 - Article in magazine 'De Architect'

An article about the project ‘Wonen in Winkels’ in the March-edition of 'De Architect'.

02-2017 - Woonlab 010 Rotterdam

We are happy to be selected as one of the architects for Woonlab010.
Woonlab is initiated by the municipality of Rotterdam to transform old / vacant shops into private dwellings.

01-2017 - Carpets City Hall Antwerp

We are honoured to collaborate on the restoration and renovation of the City Hall of Antwerp. Together with textile designer Jente Hendrickx we are designing new carpets for the City Hall.

11-2016 - Article Feeling Wonen

A profile of our work in the November-edition of 'Feeling Wonen'.

05-2016 - Exhibition Maker City Ghent

On November 19th and 20th 2016 we are taking part at Maker City Ghent, in the atelier of Design by Mai.

10-2016 - Laag at St Vincents

From now on LAAG will be on sale at conceptstore St Vincents in Antwerp.

10-2016 - Biennale Interieur Kortrijk 2016

From the 14th till the 23rd of October you can find us at the Biennale in Kortrijk, in collaboration with WOB

09-2016 - Exhibition at Design Vlaanderen Brussels

From September 8th till 30th we designed a small exhibition at the showcase of Design Vlaanderen / Flanders DC in Brussels
. In collaboration with Tim Vranken and Tina Peirlinck

03-2016 - Dokwerkers Completed

The interior of the new co-working space in Ghent is completed. More images on the website soon.

04-2016 - On show at 'DE INVASIE'

On the 30th of April and the 1st of May our work is exhibited at ‘De Invasie Van Antwerpen’.

06-2015 - On show at Meubelexpo Ghent

From June 5th till 14th we are showing our new furniture collection at the ‘Meubelexpo’ in Zwart Wild in Ghent