s t u d i o   l o m m e r    is an architecture studio with projects on different scales. We work with attention to material and detail, and mostly through scale models and prototypes. Buildings and pieces of furniture arise with character, and are made with natural and high quality materials.

Through our projects we investigate the spatial relationships between human beings and the world around them. The architecture we create accentuates, tempers and strengthens these relations. Initially this architecture is designed for human beings, but it is explicitly not denying that it is part of a bigger world. That is why use of circular and mostly local materials is a basic assumption. We aim for projects that are peculiar yet open to appropriation and interpretation, clear yet ambiguous, simple yet plural and rich.

We are based in Rotterdam (NL) and work mainly in The Netherlands and Belgium. Our work includes private, commercial and public commissions.

lommer (Dutch) | noun [mass noun]

1 leaves of trees collectively, foliage
2 shadows cast by foliage

Lommer is a space formed by the sun, the foliage and its shadows. Under the canopy of leaves a place comes into being where one can rest in the dancing shadows and take shelter from the rain. That is how beautiful and simple architecture can be.

The word lommer came into being through spoken language; the word (Dutch) was adapted from the French word l’ombre (shadow in French). The way the word came into being has many parallels to the way we work. Language - both visual and spoken - is the main means of communication both within the studio and outside. Through abstraction and interpretation projects evolve, in constant state of translation, slowly they accumulate their layers of meaning. Through the intricate relations between location, materials, clients, designers and all others involved.

Setting the objectives for our projects is the first step. These objectives steer the collective towards the final project. For each project we carefully select people, parties and materials we work with.


Hinke Majoor (1990) is architect and co-founder of Studio Lommer. He obtained his masters degree in architecture from Delft University of Technology (NL) in 2017. Next to his work for Studio Lommer he teaches at Delft University of Technology. He is guest teacher at the Master Architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam. From 2018 up until 2021 he was coordinator of the master in architecture at the RAvB. He gained experience in various offices, amongst which architecten de vylder vinck taillieu(Ghent, Belgium).

Roos Cornelissen (1988) is architect and co-founder of Studio Lommer. Roos graduated Cum Laude at the Delft University of Architecture (NL) in 2013 and worked for various offices in the Netherlands and Belgium before founding Studio Lommer. Roos studied ceramics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent (B) and works – next to Studio Lommer – on her own collection of ceramics, more info at www.kleistof.nl.

Studio Lommer was founded by Hinke Majoor and Roos Cornelissen in 2020, after their initial collaboration under the name 'roos & hinke' from 2015.